Novel and proprietary insights in mitochondrial biology allow us to identify clinically significant pathways and targets, design new compounds and establish proof of concept data for development of new therapies. Our proprietary platform improves potency, selectivity, activity and safety of therapeutics for areas as diverse as neurology, cardiovascular, oncology, inflammation and other fields of medicine. MEET OUR TEAM.


Takeda Partnership

Posted on Sep 10, 2015 in News

Gencia and Takeda Team to Discover and Develop Novel Class of Mitochondrial Therapeutics Charlottesville, Virginia, September 10, 2015, and Osaka, Japan, September 11, 2015 – Gencia LLC and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited announced today a partnership to develop a new class of small molecule drugs as potential treatments for hematological and inflammatory diseases. Called Mitochondrial […]



Gencia is always interested to hear from highly qualified development managers, research scientists, and experienced lab technicians that have a deep knowledge and experience in mitochondrial biology and modern lab technologies. Please send your inquiries to:




As a discovery company, our business model is to partner with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for clinical development and commercialization of therapeutic products.  Our proprietary platform enables therapeutic development for improved potency, selectivity and safety of clinically relevant targets. We would be pleased to speak with you about potential partnering opportunities.  Please email:



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